November/December 2010

South Pole, Antarctica

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Conquering the last degree
By ROGER HARRISON | ARAB NEWS Published: Dec 29, 2010

JEDDAH: The flag of Saudi Arabia has been carried into outer space, unfurled on Mount Everest and now flies at one of the last milestone destinations reachable by human intrepidity, the South Pole. An expedition led by Waleed Yusuf Zahid, accompanied by his sons Haytham and Mohamed reached the geographic South Pole on Dec. 10, 2010, the conclusion of a grueling trek across the harshest environment on Earth. They are believed to be the first Saudi team to complete the challenge.

The arrival at the Pole, 90 degrees South latitude, was the capstone of months of preparation, training and conditioning; travel to an Antarctic base station; and a flight to a location at 89 degrees South; to launch the overland trek across the polar plateau known as "The Last Degree."

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Find out how many layers it takes to stay warm at -40C. Read about the food the team needs to survive this journey, the polar kit from tents to cameras...

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  Santiago, December 14, 2010

Flying from Santiago to Paris - Haytham

We made it, we’re done, we’re out

I want to apologise to those of you who have been following the despatches for my perpetual complaining in many of my previous despatches. The truth of the matter is that I have just concluded the greatest experience of my life, and yet it was the very things that I complained about, the hardship and adversity that made it so. I feel so much more fulfilled and accomplished because of those very aspects of the trip.

Memory is a very funny yet kind creature, whenever we look back on experiences we always remember the good and tend to forget the bad...

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